We have developed our own photogrammetry camera array capable of capturing true 3D data and colour data as quick as a camera flash.  An ideal solution for head 3D scanning, full body 3D scans and more obscure 3D scanning applications which require a very fast capture time.  

structured light

We operate four structured light 3D scanners.  They are robust and flexible, meaning we can travel around the world and be ready to 3D scan anything from a coin to a full body with the same kit.  The nice thing about structured light 3D scanners is their precision and ability to deal with complex geometry and surface properties.


We offer a full reference photography service. Using polarising filters on both the camera lens and flash lights we capture cross-polarised image sets - diffuse, specular and then a modelling pass.  A standard technique in the film industry this can be an invaluable resource in all manner of projects.