3D scanning

sample & hold is a 3D scanning service company with a studio in central London. We use the latest 3D scanning and photogrammetry hardware and software and we are continuously developing new solutions in our workshop for a wide variety of 3D capture applications. We know every project requires a unique approach and our main priority is to work with our clients to provide the right solution for each individual application. Each member of our team has over ten years of experience working on 3D scanning and digital production projects; we have worked on blockbuster films and ground breaking computer games, with international artists, world renowned architects and up and coming designers - so you can be assured we can deliver exactly what you need.

3D scan people

Whether you require full body or head 3D scans we can provide a range of people 3D scanning services for film, vfx, computer games or physical production. We use a custom built photogrammetry camera array to capture instantaneous 3D scans in full colour.  In addition we also run a full structured light 3D scanning system which we can deploy for tricky projects.

3D scan objects

At sample & hold we are asked to 3D scan a wide range of objects which are then used as the building blocks for design projects. If you have a scale model, a full size prototype, or even an existing product that you need to capture, our 3D scanners will get the data you need.  Our main studio is based in Dalston, London - so chances are we are just a stones throw away from you - but if not we can travel to you.

3D scan sculpture

3D scanning and digital design can be a powerful tool for artists, designers and architects. At sample & hold we offer a tailored 3D scanning service to meet your requirements; whether you need an art piece 3D scanned and then scaled for an edition or production, or a model 3D scanned for further editing on the computer, we can help.